Awake, and Follow Your Heart

What do you do when you are deep into a commitment and then realize it is wrong for you? Especially when there is plenty of money, and lives, on the line that could be affected by your decision.

I am reminded of the general who is deep into battle and realizes that his course of action is disastrous and could cost many lives and/or the loss of the territory he is fighting for if he doesn’t admit he was wrong and immediately switch his tactics.

This was our case. We had sold our house in two days and a few days later discovered that the house we were going to buy wasn’t right; every inch of it needed energy and money—-and we were past inspections. The owners were in the process of fixing most of our requests, too.

We felt devastated. What would we do?

We thought that that place had been our dream. But we got lost in the picture and so didn’t see clearly that the property would demand our life blood. Fortunately our contractor had spoken up and pointed out the issues.

My wife and I wrestled with the situation thru a sleepless, angst-filled night unsure of our next move.

The next morning we made our decision: We must call the realtors involved and stop both deals if possible. It came down to not being afraid to face their reactions or litigious scenarios. We had to take care of ourselves, no matter the cost. After all, this was our money and future.

The owners of the property we were going to buy graciously agreed to let us out of the contract, and we didn’t lose a cent. We were relieved. The prospective buyers of our house balked. They bound us to the contract. They loved our house. They were so set on it that they waived everything found in the inspections.

We really had no desire to leave. But it was time. We realized that the owners of the other property had willingly let go of us; now it was our turn to be lawful and let our house go. A temporary housing solution quickly appeared.

Isn’t it comforting to know that we can always wake up no matter how far down the road we are. The key is asking, Does this feel right? Is it best for us? Our heart has the answers. Why not listen to it and honor what it is telling us. The more we do that the wiser and more expedient our actions can become.

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