Cat Teachings

We humans can think we have the upper hand over our cats. We determine their diet if they are indoor cats, house them, clean out their cat boxes, and pet them when we feel like it.
In other words, we seem to be in control of their world. After all, without us they would be out on the street, or alone hanging around an animal shelter or pet store.

So what are we getting out of the deal? With one of our last cats I truly wondered. He was very skittish. Almost never let me or anyone else in the household pet or hold him. It was: Feed me; don’t touch me; clean out the cat box; and keep wondering why you ever got me. In his last year he began coming closer and even let us pet him. It was gratifying after almost ten years finally to be able to enjoy him.

Here’s the lesson: Whether we get to cuddle and enjoy our adorable kittie is one thing–and a very important thing–for that makes life the warm experience it is, Or if we don’t get that fuzzy closeness then we are offered another choice: deal with yourself.

Our newest family member, Phoebus (fee-vohs), ancient Greek for Apollo, is a cat that gives me endless opportunities to look at myself to see if I am really staying open, despite all the spiritual and transformational work I’ve done for years.

Phoebus and I are very close. I have never held a purring cat for so long in my arms. He is quite at home with me. Phoebus is a young guy, a big baby? who teethes on everything in sight, especially your legs. We swat him away, spray him, yell, and he keeps coming back for more.
He is so comfortable being around that he will lay in the middle of the kitchen floor during the rush hour of making dinner, and if he gets stepped on, or pushed out of the way, he cries for a sec and then continues laying there, unfazed. He always comes back for more.

That’s where he is the big gift he is. I have gotten so irritated that I have kicked him out of the way.Then I feel remorse. I know it’s not right. And Phoebus comes right back for affection. He is melting me. He shows me that my heart needs to be more gentle, loving, and patient. If he wasn’t there persistently demanding my presence and love I might not realize the times that I am not meeting that holy demand.

Phoebus, thank you dear little one for teaching me these lessons in love.

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