Children, what does it take?

The soul is healed by being with children_English Proverb

Want to know why children are like magnets–they’re light. They live in the moment. They play, they laugh, they are joyful. We feel lightness when around them. They’re not bothered by the heavy, weighted down opinions we carry around as our reality. Their presence offers us back the pureness of the heart.

It’s funny, we instruct our children how to live in the world. We point out to them who to emulate. That’s all fine and relevant. For one day they will grow up. They need guidance. Meanwhile we struggle to maintain our joy. We pine away for the freedom of our youth. We really need to be more childlike to rekindle the laughter in us.

Recently I read that children laugh up to 500 times a day, adults 5 or so. Sad stat. If true, then we need a course correction. We take ourselves so seriously: Ahhh, my life! Ahhh, the future! How about being right where we are for a change and stop obsessing about what’s not there. This is what we have now. Are we honoring it? Enjoying it? Being grateful for it? Can we throw ourselves into the moment like the children in the picture?

What does it take? Here I am. Nothing held back. Don’t care how the picture looks. I am throwing away every bit of judgment, and freely giving my soul-popping exuberant self–that’s what it takes.

HeartCentered Soul Embodiment

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