Lately the idea of connecting has been coming to me. Am I connected? Or am I too alone? Has my way of interacting become a comfortable habit I’ve settled into over time? I think it’s wise to assess my life occasionally to see what the balance is. In my case, being alone is more of the default. But is this serving the person I now am?

I once saw a documentary on Rudolph Nureyev, the famous Russian ballet dancer, not long after he passed away. There he was alone in his island home off France doing his bar in front of the cameras. It seemed a sad and lonely existence. Of course, that’s my take on it. He might have been so tired of the fame, the fawning, the cities, and the lights that he was content to be away from it all by himself. Maybe that place was his meditation.

I can’t imagine not sharing my life close up with someone–personal, professional or otherwise. Just knowing they are near is comforting. Isn’t it a natural instinct to connect. Neal Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, talks about the impulse of life as moving toward life in expressing a oneness. Being an island doesn’t fit this model very well. Oneness is inclusive. It expresses the impulse of love, which is to bring together.

Being connected starts right where I am: with my own heart. Without that connection everything else is on the back burner. Meaning, I am not going to have the direct and warm experiences with life. For the one life I have been given is not being embraced. How am I to embrace another? It will be like relating to another through the lukewarm filter of my inner disconnect. Ugh, give me back my heart, whatever shape it’s in.

My commitment is to feel what I need to feel. Be honest with myself. I am then connected to me. Life is next. How can I not connect to life when the beauty of my heart naturally pours forth. It will attract its own.

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