Let the Hot Air out of Fear

Picture a mass of hot air (thought) puffed up into a false image of you. A balloon will suffice. Imagine you are like a child looking at the balloon, which happens to have a scary image drawn on it. Suddenly it’s right in front of your face–Ahhh! tears, shrinking, stiffening up.

Then the air is let out of the balloon and it does a crazy zigzagging flight in the air. More fear—What will it do? The gyrating balloon moves away and gets smaller and smaller. You almost want to laugh but aren’t sure. Then the balloon falls to the ground deflated, exhausted, and defeated. You boldly go over and pick up the inert mass and realize there is nothing to be afraid of. You have mastered your fear of the balloon.
And who was the one who inflated the balloon and let the air out? You.

Confidently you walk away toward the next adventure.

HeartCentered Soul Embodiment

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