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One-to-One Healing Sessions

When you activate the I Am healing presence within, all things become possible. The key is being aware of and trusting your heart. Love does the rest. Whether it’s an energy body issue, chakra block, unhealthy cord to the past, or unconscious self-sabotage and hate, all can be brought into the light of Love to be resolved. Moving forward with ease, power and joy then becomes natural. During a session we attune to Source in the following ways:
  1. Listening in surrender, not agenda
  2. Tapping into the transformative nature of forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude
  3. Being present with body feelings, which centers the soul right where you are, and
  4. Through individualized vocal attunements, energy channeling, and loving support of the ascended masters.

Group Healing Sessions

These are dynamic and capable of shifting energies, releasing impositions, and creating freedom. When more people ask and work together greater results occur for the group. Healing themes are chosen by circumstances and inspiration.


Single calls, up to 2-hours duration, where Mark tunes in and uses his speaking /singing voice to attune participants to the higher frequencies and bring forth blessings. Workshops and Speaking Engagements can be arranged by contacting Mark directly.

Here’s What Mark’s Clients Have to Say

  • I was lucky enough to be able to have a healing session with Mark. I cannot express how amazing his healing work is! If you have any limiting beliefs standing in your way of whatever greatness you wish to bring into your life, I highly recommend Mark's healing work! After our first session, I felt like a different person, and I was able to handle the media attention because the fears around being so visible in the world had shifted so profoundly during my work with Mark. We had a second session to help me prepare for giving the workshop.

    This time I felt like we had touched something so deep inside me that we had only begun to get to it. Nevertheless, the session allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with confidence when I gave the workshop. At the follow-up session I felt a physical expansion in my chest as the energetic blocks in place for years were melted away. Again, I feel like a new person. Please do yourself a favor and experience Mark's incredible gifted healing work!

    - Stephanie Amada, author of Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter with Choice

  • WOW. Mark was such an amazingly powerful instrument in one of the biggest spiritual breakthroughs in my life. I was really feeling a bit too much overloaded with negative inner stuff. He guided me so skillfully and gently through the process that after a while I was in a “rapture” state. It was my breakthrough, but it happened because he was absolutely attuned to me throughout. I was delighted by his great sensibility and coaching skills. I LOVE YOU, Mark. I am so grateful for you. And I have to say, if anyone needs an awesome coach, he is the one.

    - Yolanda W.  Memphis, Tenn

  • Mark’s work with me blew my notion of what’s possible out of the water. I had suffered for years with a lower back pain. The conventional medical route did very little to alleviate the suffering. Then Mark went to work over the phone. He went into the heart of the issue and dissolved it. What was left (and there all the time) was a healthy me I simply wasn’t getting to. His energy healing is fantastic. It also gave me a whole new awareness of myself and how to approach life. Do yourself a favor and give him a call.

    - Mike C. Toronto , Ont

  • Mark is a one-of-a-kind therapist with a true gift and soul. Working with him I received the grace of forgiveness, joy, and inner peace. I highly recommend him from the bottom of my heart. When you work with Mark be ready for wholeness, joy, and miracles in your life.

    - Danielle Nistor, Best selling author and spiritual teacher

  • I needed healing and Mark miraculously appeared in my life. Mark is a Powerful spiritual healer. He has a Divine gift from God as a Healer. His ability to read my body and mind took him right to the core of my issues. He followed his Spirit and used his gifts to heal and empower me. I highly recommend Mark. He is a true man of God. He is a spiritual man full of God's love. Be prepared for a miraculous healing.

    - Jenny B. Chesterfield, MO

  • I am left in Awe after our healing session tonight.
    I called you to fill you in on our last session which to me was so profound and so healing I had no idea I was in for another beautiful healing.

    I have been on the healing path for many years. I am 56 and never before after speaking with someone for one minute was brought straight to the wound that needed to be healed. You brought me straight to my eleven-year-old boy who was so badly wounded and isolated and longing to be embraced, healed him, and brought him back to me. For days afterwords I was finding many aspects of my wounded child all over my life as far back as a three year old abandoned and forgotten. I cried many tears and healed every one of them and brought them all into my being.
    I feel so blessed and at peace to have accomplished all this in such a short time. And to top it all off tonight you opened up more of me to embrace the divine energies to heal my body and embrace fully who I am. I am presently in a complete state of silent bliss and am bursting with gratitude for all I have been blessed with.

    Mark, you are a very special and unique gift to this world. You are very gentle and loving and blessed by the special choice of words you use that invoke such profound healing. You work in such a respectful and sacred way it removes all barriers and supports the healing process. Its obvious you have done tremendous work on yourself to be able to be so clear and effective. I thank you with all my heart for the blessing you have been to me.

    - Joe K. Toronto, ON

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