The Shortcut Home

Encoded in our hearts since eternity is the quick way to heaven–accepting what we are.

Can you think of a shorter way of finding, feeling, and knowing God. It ain’t outside, folks. Nope. The goodness, the glory and the gain is a step away— right in the center of your being. So what are you waiting for? The next self-help seminar? No. Dive. Dive. Dive. Be like a submarine and dive into the pure and rich ocean of your heart. It’s easy as 1,2,3, abracadabra, I am there.

Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz) clicked her heels and found herself back home in Kansas. She woke herself out of the dream of being far away from home. What did her actions really represent? Activating her heart’s desire. And instantly she found herself with her family.

Likewise, every one of you dear ones holds the key, the shortcut, to a life of lasting heart joy. Didn’t a wise man once say that the kingdom is within? Who is ready to believe? Who is ready to give up the search and step into it? How many stellar wayshowers need to come to earth and say the same thing? How many Bibles, Korans, Bhagavad-Gitas need to be written? How many gifts need to be dropped in our path before we pick them up?

What I say is a reminder, a conscious invitation for you to dwell as close to you as you can. Take the gift.

Put your hands gently on your chest. Acknowledge the love that you are. Expand the I-am-home-in-love feeling. Give this back to your body. Choose ‘I love myself’ as the only option. Let it consume the past you, the present you, the future you, the painful you, the lost you, and the “you who”.
If you feel you’re still struggling against yourself, don’t resist, accept where you’re at. Tune into the accepter. Be with the self that accepts. Feel the comfort of knowing, I am okay as I am in whatever state. See your flow beginning. See yourself gently moving downstream into your waiting heart. Doesn’t that sound like the easy way? Rejoice that you are the shortcut leading home. In fact, you are home.

HeartCentered Soul Embodiment

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