What is Healing?

As you go through the list discover which ones call you and spend some time being aware how they relate to you.

  • Healing is loving, loving more, loving lots, and loving until it is the only possible way.
  • Healing is honoring my heart.
  • Healing is being grateful for the good, the bad, and the in-between.
  • Healing is listening, not reacting, and allowing more life.
  • Healing is being there for another with no agendas.
  • Healing is revealing what is true about me.
  • Healing is yielding to the moment.
  • Healing is giving full permission for love to take over.
  • Healing is speaking my truth and letting it reverberate.
  • Healing is sensing if it feels light or heavy, then choosing.
  • Healing is following my heart past the maze of mind.
  • Healing is taking the next step.
  • Healing is the cry of acknowledgment.
  • Healing is what happens when opinions and conclusions die off.
  • Healing is embracing the illusion and seeing what remains.
  • Healing is shouting a big YES to my life.
  • Healing is thundering a firm NO to that which negates.
  • Healing is letting myself be angry, sad, disappointed, vulnerable, elated, awed, loved, and the gamut of emotions that are here.
  • Healing is the sweet release of an ego’s last stand.
  • Healing is the right thought (the still small voice) that sings to my heart.
  • Healing is giving up judgment’s holding pattern.
  • Healing is extending a hand.
  • Healing is forgiving at all costs to the ego.
  • Healing is staying present while my stories unravel.
  • Healing is a timely hug.
  • Healing is my pet coming to me when I don’t feel well.
  • Healing is becoming space for lightness, joy, and laughter.
  • Healing is where time ends and joy begins.
  • Healing is willingness to be.
  • Healing is being there for myself.
  • Healing is trusting and jumping.
  • Healing is the need of the moment.
  • Healing is accepting myself, faults and all, then moving on.
  • Healing is doing what it takes to be free.
  • Healing is a choice.

Healing is . . . (you fill in what it means to you)

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