Will this ever Change?

Be the change you want to see in the world_Gandhi

All of us change. Every day millions upon millions of cells are created and die. New thoughts come, and as quickly go. Babies are born; the elderly transition out of this world. Season come, seasons go. If you think about it, everything is living in a state of transformation. Leafs pop into view one spring day, wave their greenery for a few months, blaze into  autumn colors, dry out, fall, and fertilize the earth—that’s a bunch of changes without considering the myriad of internal activities going on inside leaves that we can’t see.

You might be thinking, that’s fine but nothing is changing in my situation. I am still suffering. I still face the same ol’ challenges. The picture may seem very similar each day. In fact, you are living in change without knowing it. You get up at a slightly different time every day, take new and slightly different steps, and probably wear different clothes.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are making choices second by second, minute by minute. And those choices are bringing you into paths you have never walked. I am going to the kitchen to make coffee. It may seem rote, boring, and unexciting. Yet that one mundane task was an act of creation starting with an idea, a choice, brought into reality by you following through, and going where you had never gone before, the present.

So why not put your whole being into it. Be fully there. Make that cup of coffee the most vibrant, most alive thing, you have ever done. Taste the coffee with every fiber of your being. Watch how that changes the feelings in you and your body.  Then take your freshened coffee awareness into the next step of your day. Can putting on your clothes seem like an act you never did before?Driving your car? Calling your friend, who you’ve talked to thousands of times before?

What if to everything you did you brought the feeling, this is the first and only time I ever did this at this time with this much me in it. Could that transform something, perhaps everything, about whatever it was you were doing? Could that attitude change what you’ve been hating or obsessing about for so long? Could it not only change the situation but open the door for something totally new to show up in your life?

What else is possible when you realize that you are the change you needed.


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